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Such a shitty feeling right now.
I have said things that may hurt this one person that is very dear to me.
But if this person doesn't understand that i was only saying those things because i care...
Then i can do nothing about it. I just wish everything would end well.

It's hard to see your closest persons cry.

I have wished peace for years - i don't know if the happy ending is yet to come..
But there hasn't been a single happy moment for a while. Happiness only comes and goes.
Why can't it STAY at least for a while?

Life can be such a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Actually i have 1003 watchers right now but that's, of course, even better.
Thank you ALL for your constant support, whether you watched my account or not!
I'll try to keep the texture sets coming.
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Glad to be on Team Edward...... Hahah?
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After that i am free.
Gosh, it feels surreal.
I'll graduate this spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ah.. well.. only if i pass all my exams, of course.
but nevertheless. i must go to study now. do something useful.

i want it to be friday 26th already.
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The title of this entry is THE phrase every graduating high schooler will shout today in Finland. "Päiviä nolla, abin hyvä olla" could be translated into: "Zero days at school, abiturients are feeling good!" And abiturient is the student that will go through the matriculation exam and possibly graduate later this spring.

Hoh, so this was my LAST OFFICIAL DAY in senior high school! We had so much fun today!!
Our theme in the party at school was "Wild West", so, most of us were either cowboys or indians. We messed the whole school and shout out loud, it was so flyy! Haha~ And we also performed a play where we made fun of our teachers. I don't know if they liked the play but we hope they didn't get too offended because every single teacher has been nice to us. Except for one teacher, but it's okay, she's great too.

Later today we will go cruising with a huge ship~ There'll be lots of abiturients from all over the finland there, so, it will be like a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge party. I'm not so sure why exactly i'm going there, i'm so tired! But i'll try to have fun nevertheless.

Well anyway, i better leave now because i have to go back to school again soon. Our train will be leaving in an hour!
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So, i was actually bored enough to create my very own Facebook page - currently there's only 1 fan and that is ME, lol. How selfish of me!

Stupid, right? But i think that it would be a cool way to update everyone about my latest textures, stock photos or whatever, since many people use Facebook. This is a way of also informing if i am about to come up with a new texture set :) I tried this in Twitter at first but i just didn't like tweeting.. (although it seems like Lady Gaga became my follower there, so, i think i should've just continued tweeting, haha!)

So if you are interested, just search for "yunyunsarang" in Facebook and you should find the page called "yunyunsarang - texture resource". I couldn't come up with a good name... I'm not good at that!

And by the way, thanks again to those who voted for my school in that hoodie design contest!! We have gained lots of votes and are currently in the third place (: It means a lot to us that our small school can fight against those big badass schools, so, thank you!
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First of all, hello everyone!
And second of all, ha ha haaa, i know this request is weird but..

Okay, so, i am about to graduate soon. So, since it's the last year of our class, we decided to come up with hoodies that have a logo that represents our school + it has our graduation year on it as well. Ahem, i don't want to advertise but i "designed" the logo - lol, basically i just slapped a few brushes together & used a nice font.

So, now it has appeared that our school's design is in this poll - and the winner school of this poll will get t-shirts for free! Yawhee! We're doing quite poorly now (currently at the 6th place) but since there seems to be not so many voters, we may get higher if we get some voters!

So, if you want to help my school a little (it takes a little while only) - please vote over here:…

Since the page is in finnish, here are the instructions how to vote:

1. Out of all hoodie designs, please choose "Kälviän lukio" - that's our design. The hoodie is black and it has a white text that sais "Abi 2010" and the name of our school and some stupid swirl brushes around it.
2. Go to the bottom of the page and write your email address to the white box (on the left of it there's a text saying "Sähköpostisi:")
3. Then there's a choose-out-of-these-alternatives box (on the left of it there's a text saying "Olen:") - Out of these options, choose "Muu".
4. Last but not least, please click the button that says "Lähetä".
5. You're done! Thank you if you were patient enough to go this far!

In case you're not interested, skip this one and just wish our school a good luck. Haha!
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I'm going bananas right now!!!

After almost 5 years of anticipation, my dream is about to become reality. My friend just booked tickets to South Korea for us three (me + two friends) and i'm literally going insane here!!! I could go outside and shout like a crazy obsessed girl. Seoul is my soul. I can't wait to see it in real life. And i really want to see the Korean countryside. Korean people. I want to hear the beautiful and bubbly Korean language everyday i wake up. FOR THREE AWESOME WEEKS I CAN PACK MY LIFE INTO A SUIT CASE AND LEAVE THIS FRIGGIN COUNTRY THAT I AM IN RIGHT NOW. Boy that is one hell of a relief!

Too bad that i'll still have to wait for 5 months. But it is a lot less than 5 years, duh!
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Ho-ho-ho and a merry christmas to you all!
Now, i noticed that i have just received over 60,000 pageviews, so, i'd like to thank you all for that!
Also, thank you for the constant comments and favorites you give - it makes me wanna make new resources & graphics a lot more.
As my christmas gift to you, i will post new texture sets very soon, probably today or tomorrow.

TO KPOP FANS: I'd also like to advertise again my new korean music community:… - i hope you'll visit it some time!(:
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Yeah, i decided to make a community instead of a journal. I want to try something new although this community is more like a blog than a community. Or no, i shall call it a personal musicbox. But i wanted to have the opportunity to gather members; the kind of people, who like korean music & feel like they have a similar taste with me, are more than welcome to join.

Even if no one EVER joins, i don't mind. Because this is a good way to express my love for korean music. Hopefully you'll take a look at it because i'm about to share not only KPOP but for instance KROCK, indie and other non-mainstream music as well.

Here's the link if you became somewhat interested:…
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hit the wall henna.

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2009, 12:20 PM

I just took a glance at the older journal entries of mine.
The funny thing is that there are always some " LIFE SUCKS " entries popping up out of a sudden.


took the shit outta here. too long. a burden.

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in the middle of my journey

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2009, 6:24 AM

yes, the first important thing in order to get a driver's license is now past for me, hah!
well the annoying thing is that this was still a rather easy thing... it was almost like a pop quiz at school - although i had, of course, prepared for this one. a little. xD

but now i'll just have to pass the driving test. i don't know when i'll have it but i'm already very nervous about it... my friend just passed her driving test today - it was her 3rd time though. but it's okay and the good thing is that she finally got the license! and besides it's not like she is a bad driver - just a few little mistakes and she had failed. sucks! now i'm even more afraid of the test.

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i wonder if i i dare to say this..

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2009, 12:26 PM


but i feel like i like someone - -'

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oh shit! i have a fever!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 6:44 AM

And this time it's a real fever. Well, luckily the fever's only 37.5 degrees but i'm not feeling well at all. i have a terrible headache, my body is aching and i'm coughing all the time...

I just hope this is not swine flu!! Because i heard that one of my best friends may have a swine flu, so, it's not impossible for me to have an infection, too.

AND BESIDES MY CLOTHES THAT I ORDERED FROM YESSTYLE.COM OVER A MONTH AGO ARE STILL IN THE "&#&/""#£@£$£ng FINNISH CUSTOMS! I should've received the clothes already weeks ago but NO.

God i hate life so much.

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158 notes

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 6:37 AM

i was like WTF when i got online in my dA and saw the huge amount of new notes.
but i knew almost instantly that they were 'copyright violation' notes whatever.
and they were. all of them!

but actually i don't mind. it's only acceptable since i had used copyrighted material in my graphics.
and besides, a few graphics are still left, wohoo! hahahah.

btw i had sooo much fun in my driving lessons today. got to drive on slippery roads! yau, fierce! haha.

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thanks NINJA ASSASSIN for the new journal layout

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 11:32 AM


Buhahah. Rain - kick some ass!
I really loved this layout by  

too bad this is for limited time only ;_;


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Which means i can't be THAT bad person.
Hahah. Tonight i'll get a free meal and tomorrow i'll go party.
I hate to say this but i really enjoy MY OWN birthdays. 8)
But who wouldn't?
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For the sake of GREAT PRIZES that are available in Allkpop,
i created a twitter for myself. I STILL don't like twitter
because i think it's bullshit and nothing exciting since i'm Finnish and no one here ever goes to twitter.
But if you're interested in my seriously wild life, take a look at my twitter some time and follow me!

Ps. don't be afraid of adding me just because you don't know me that well. I don't mind.

Pps. I'm NOT gay although it says so in my twitter URL. It's just one of the odd nicknames i have.

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On Friday i'll be freee like a bird! At least for a while!
Haha, i get to photoshop again freely and i get to watch dramas and i get to eat, sleep and just spazz around as i pleaaaase!
Mwahahhaha. But two more exams to go. My completion exam in German was on Monday and i hope i did well. Yesterday i had my english exam and today a history exam. Both of them were fortunately easy though, yahqw!

Anyway i just felt like posting something because i feel so gooooooood right now, bahahah.
Gotta go and practise maths for tomorrow. BLEH. Well, i knew something would ruin my mood sooner or later anyway.